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Well Come to Indian Handicrafts & Handlooms store ART HATARI – आर्ट हटरी Indian handicrafts is precious & Incredible, there are unique Art Wooden Art, Dhokra Art (Bell metal crafts), Wrought iron crafts, Terracota art, Bamboo Art, Tuma shilp (Bottle gourd art), and other art forms in Bastar Chattishgarh, Tuma Shilp is not only Bastar but is one of the world oldest art, Tuma Water Bottle is the world oldest water Bottle which is currently almost extinct.

Jagat Ram Dewangan Master artist C.G. State Award 2005-06, and National Merit Certificate 2007 Tuma Shilp is constantly trying to revive the art by making new experiments in tuma shilp by creating artifacts like kitchen, home decor and jewelry, etc, by training many local women of the village they are providing self-employment and making them self-reliant in this campaign.

Dr. Maninder Kaur Dwivedi IAS principal secretary of rural industry  of Chhattisgarh provide continuous assistance, Jagat Ram Dewangan got the benefit of the KVIC-PMEGP scheme 2020-2021 to operate the unit, along with handicrafts, handlooms, art, very famous and popular in Chhattisgarh Tussar silk sarees, shawls and dupattas are in great demand all over the world. ART HATARI – आर्ट हटरी request art lovers from all over the world to support us and unit by promoting and buying handicrafts & handlooms.